Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Rimmel Provocalips 16 Hour Kiss Proof Lip Color Swatches

Available in 10 shaded this long lasting, liquid lipstick is definitely kiss proof! Rimmel always has great liquid lipsticks and I am loving this new collection so far.

Pucker Up is the least pigmented of the three I have. It is actually more of a glittery gloss and its really not my type. In the swatch it looks so much more pigmented but on the lips it doesn't change my color at all. 
I'll Call You is a gorgeous pink mauve color and it had the best formula. It went on so smooth with even application. Dare To Pink ( below) is a pink-nude and was my least favorite. This one did not have even application and it was very patchy once on my lips. This one makes me sad because it is the prettiest color and the one I was most drawn to. 

These are really transfer proof like they claim and DO NOT budge, but the clear part that you apply after the color does. Once that top coat starts coming off you will need to re-apply it to prevent your lips from drying out or cracking. You really cannot wear these colors comfortable without that other side on your lips. 

 Dare to Pink 


Pucker Up//I'll Call You
No Flash 

Pucker Up//I'll Call You

 Pucker Up

I'll Call You 

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