Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Wet N Wild Silk Finish Lipsticks- New Formula & Packaging!

Some of my favorite go to lipsticks are from Wet N Wild and I love how after all these years they are still worth talking about! The Silk Finish Lipsticks are back with new shades, formula and packaging. 

I have 5 shades to share with you and I am really impressed by these. I never owned the original Silk Finish lipsticks so I can't really compare but I have seen the packaging and swatches so I will go off those.

Packaging is cheap feeling but for 99 cents you can expect that. The lids make it difficult to put back on, they only can go a certain way and if you are not careful you can dent your lipstick. Pigmentation is amazing and as far as I have seen from the originals they are much more pigmented and matte in my opinion. They feel great on the lips, very moisturizing but not too creamy. 

Out of the 5 that I have A Short Affair and Blind Date were the least pigmented and most moisturizing. These two lasted the least amount of time as well. As far as the others they lasted longer than I expected, especially What's Up Doc and 15 Minutes Aflame. These two lasted around 3-4 hours before re applying and these do have some staining power. The finish is amazing, they do have a little bit of matte finish to them but still very moisturizing. 

A short Affair, Will you be with me, 15 Minutes Aflame,What's up, doc, Blind Date


No flash

Because A short affair is so light and less pigmented I didn't do a lip swatch.

Overall for 99 cents you cant buy a better lipstick. Wet N Wild has been around for so long that some might pass this brand by but for the price these are really great to have. 

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