Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Lipstick Queen Bete Noire Lipstick Collection Spring 2015

Poppy, founder of Lipstick Queen designed this collection with one shade in mind and she made them in three contrasting moods. With a sheer, metallic and intense berry shade, there is something for everyone to try.
Lipstick Queen couldn't have any cuter packaging. It stands out yet simple and classy. The durable packaging is in a square tube and they are pretty heavy. When I fist applied these I was not expecting the lightest looking one to be one of the more intense shades. I for sure thought that was the sheer. It is actually the metallic shade and this is my second metallic lipstick from LQ and they are certainly growing on me. This one was the most difficult to apply out of the three, dragging just a little bit. Once the lipstick warmed up it was more creamy and easy to apply.
The sheer is very hydrating and almost feels like a balm but still packs on some color. If you have already well pigmented lips like mine this sheer will really bring out those natural berry tones.
As for the intense, I expected this to apply different. It went one the most smooth right next to the sheer. I did not expect it to feel so silky and hydrating. It did settle in my lips a little which could totally be because my lips are extremely dry right now. I didn't even want to do swatches but I did anyway.
Sheer, Metal, Intense
I didn't do a swatch of the sheer because it really accentuated my dry lips.
Possessed Intense in half direct sunlight half shade.

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