Sunday, March 22, 2015

Lipstick Queen // Hello Sailor

Press Sample
This lipstick can scare most away even if it does say its sheer. I probably wouldn't have reached for it on my own but It has definitely grown on me and now I can't leave home without it.
 I don't think I have had a lipstick like this before, loaded with Vitamin E, olive oil, seed oil and shea butter, it leaves your lips hydrated and silky smooth. This deep navy lipstick goes on very sheer, depending on the tone of your lips it gives a cool berry tone to the lips. Honestly I had to get used to this. I wasn't too impressed when I tried it the first couple times. I thought it made my lips look too cool and almost like I was freezing cold. But using it a few times I love it now. It brings out the natural tones in my lips. I even started experimenting and trying this over other lipsticks. the only negative thing I can say about this is it doesn't last long at all when wearing it alone. But given how amazingly soft and silky it is, I enjoy applying this all day lol
Either way this is almost always on my lips weather I put in on when I am in a hurry or after a long day and my previous lipstick has faded off. I know these types of "gimmicky" lipsticks can be hard to trust and buy and I wouldn't have bought it myself initially either. But overall I am glad to have this in my lipstick collection.


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