Thursday, March 19, 2015

Webiste and Life Update!!

These past few months have literally been the busiest time of my life. I am a hairstylist full time and have my own studio so it kind of took  me away from my blog for a good month. My domain also was up for renewal while I was on vacation. I was sent a renewal link to pay a month before it was set to expire. When I went to pay it the link was dead. I tried to contact my hosting company for weeks, my website finally expired and my domain is stuck with a company that no longer exists. 

For the last 3 weeks I have exhausted all my efforts into getting it back with no luck. I literally have to wait a couple months till its released to the general public. Ugh.. So I have my site on back-order but in the mean time I had to create a new domain.. Anyways I am back now and will be updated my site regularly and changing around my layout and name! 


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