Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Dry Shampoo Series: KMS Hair Play Makeover Spray

 I am continuing my dry shampoo series after a very long break. I am always buying and trying new dry shampoos and I am on the hunt for the perfect one. This one I have to share with you today is a high end  dry shampoo and honestly not my favorite so far.

I've only been able to test this out twice so far and right now I am not liking it at all. I got this because of all the amazing reviews out there and because it supposedly doesn't leave a residue. Well that is not the case for me, sadly. I couldn't even tell that there was a residue left behind until I was editing my photos. If you zoom in you can see tons of white specs. I'm shaking well before spraying, so I am not sure if it's me or this stuff leaves behind massive residue. 
 It did leave my hair a bit dull after the product was brushed out but did seem to get rid of the oil pretty well. It was perfect for giving my hair some life and volume. It definitely did not lack in the style department. 

For now I m going to keep trying this, mostly as a style spray to give my hair some volume and life. But using it directly on my roots for dry shampoo, I think I'll pass. 

Have you tried this before??

$6-99 ( 2 oz)  - $19.99 (6.7 oz)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

MAC Viva Glam Miley Cyrus Lipstick & Lipglass Swatches

Besides the Viva Glam being an awesome charity fund for AIDS. They always have really powerful women as their spokesperson. I love Miley and think the colors they worked on fit her so well! 

I honestly didn't think these would be colors that I could wear everyday, but I am so obsessed with thhese pinks I can't get them off my lips! Literally!! 

The lipstick has a ton of staining power that's for sure! After the lipstick was completely gone it stained my lips for hours after!! The lipglass  is slightly tinted with lots of glitter. It looks amazing over the lipstick. I wouldn't really wear it by itself.

 Lipstick & Lipglass

Every cent goes towards helping men, women and children living with AIDS!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Revlon PhotoReady Eye Art: Topaz Twinkle & Peach Prism Swatches

Available in 10 shades are the PhotoReady Eye Art Duos. After I saw Tati from GlamLifeGuru do a hot or not on these I had to get a few. I still am having a hard time finding the colors that I want. I have two that I wanted and they are the most pigmented so far! 

The two I picked up are in the shades Topaz Twinkle & Peach Prism. These two have gorgeous pigmentation and are very smooth and creamy. Application is flawless with the doe foot applicator that it comes with. The glitter on the other side isn't too much to jump up and down for. Peach Prism had the more opaque glitter but was a little streaky. While Topaz Twinkle was thick but didn't really come off as glittery. 

Iv'e only worn Peach Prism all day once and these baby's stay in place. I have heard they can get dry and flake but my lids are on the oily side so I had no issues at all. These are also great for a primer, I also used peach prism under a stilla eye-shadow for an extra metallic look. 

 Top: Topaz Twinkle// Bottom: Peach Prism 

Left: Topaz Twinkle// Right: Peach Prism

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Swatches: Smashbox On the Rocks Photo Op Eyeshadow Luxe Palette

Smashbox came out with a palette back for the holidays and it's been sitting on my wishlist since I saw +Bailey B  from Making Up The Midwest review it. I can't tell you why I didn't get it sooner but I am glad I didn't. It used to be $42 and now it's only $29 and with my pro discount I got this baby for 20$!

This palette has 29 shades ( mostly cool tones)  ranging in mattes, shimmers, glitters and metallics. Some are tough to build up but I only found two or three that were like that and that could be because of my fair skin! 
I think all these shades have great color pay off and the metallic shades really have a nice finish. I love the packaging too, it comes with a generous sized mirror and the palette is pretty heavy duty feeling. 

Below are some of my favorites and the most pigmented!

Physicians Formula Sexy Booster Cat Eye Liquid Eyeliner- Review

I have been spotting so much new Physicians Formula lately and I never buy it because it is on the pricey side. And I just don't use too much of their makeup anyway. But they have had some good deals recently so be on the look out for those deals! The Sexy Booster Cat Eye Collection has one eyeliner and two mascaras. 

PF always does an amazing job at their packaging, while they sit on the end caps they are always so tempting to buy because of their extreme cuteness. My favorite thing about this liquid eyeliner is the felt-tip applicator. I am not good at using the really stiff tips or the extremely flexible ones. So I need a good mix and this tip is so perfect for me to use. The long cap makes it really nice when you are applying because you have a good grip on it, giving you a lot of control. I love how precise you can get with this product too but the formula however, is not my favorite. 

The product is more runny and does not apply evenly at all. I had to apply this 3 or 4 times just to get it perfect. At first I thought it was because I didn't have shadow on, but it still went on very thin. If I can give any tips on it, I would say apply one line and do not go over it until its dry. The more you apply it, it just seems to spread even more thin. 

It smells pretty good too! I have never had an eyeliner with a scent before and it's crazy how you can smell it all day. The whole sexy booster collection has this same coco scent! As for 24 hour wear, it didn't budge just sitting there on it's own. When I accidentally wiped my eye it did smear most of the product. But overall it lasted about 8 hours. 

 After 3 or four times applying this and wiping my eye, I feel like I got it on good enough. You can see the formula isn't as pigmented and it's a little streaky.  Even in the swatches above you can see that in one swipe the product isn't as rich and pigmented. You do however get an incredible precise application and gorgeous wing!

Has anyone else tried this? Because I would love to hear what others think and If it was just me!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Rimmel Provocalips 16 Hour Kiss Proof Lip Color Swatches

Available in 10 shaded this long lasting, liquid lipstick is definitely kiss proof! Rimmel always has great liquid lipsticks and I am loving this new collection so far.

Pucker Up is the least pigmented of the three I have. It is actually more of a glittery gloss and its really not my type. In the swatch it looks so much more pigmented but on the lips it doesn't change my color at all. 
I'll Call You is a gorgeous pink mauve color and it had the best formula. It went on so smooth with even application. Dare To Pink ( below) is a pink-nude and was my least favorite. This one did not have even application and it was very patchy once on my lips. This one makes me sad because it is the prettiest color and the one I was most drawn to. 

These are really transfer proof like they claim and DO NOT budge, but the clear part that you apply after the color does. Once that top coat starts coming off you will need to re-apply it to prevent your lips from drying out or cracking. You really cannot wear these colors comfortable without that other side on your lips. 

 Dare to Pink 


Pucker Up//I'll Call You
No Flash 

Pucker Up//I'll Call You

 Pucker Up

I'll Call You